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Charlie's Angels Now Have Light Up Uniforms

Charlie Palmer and the Aureole wine angels in their new uniforms
Charlie Palmer and the Aureole wine angels in their new uniforms
Photo: Chelsea McManus

Guests at Aureole had a hard time seeing chef Charlie Palmer's wine angels at work in the wine tower. Now the angels literally shine in new uniforms created by eco-friendly fashion designer Bunker Hill Bradley.

The Mandalay Bay restaurant recently revealed the new designer outfits during an exclusive Las Vegas Fashion Week event. Both are fashioned with 20 feet of LED "angelic" lights made up of 100 bulbs. Now guests can easily spot the wine angels as they gracefully ascend and descend Aureole's iconic four-story wine tower.

"Our wine angels at Aureole have been all over the map — they've even been on Oprah. However, we were often given feedback by our guests that they were hard to see in the tower so we really wanted to make them shine," Palmer says. "Now they have a uniform that suits the excitement of their job."

The angels wore sleek black jumpsuits for 14 years before Palmer held a 14-day competition among local fashion designers to come up with a new look. Designers Bunker Hill Bradley and Reyna Herrera created a dozen sketches to develop the angels' new look.

The winning design is made from recycled material with a progression of Tuscan sunset colors meant to symbolize various wine hues. The outfit begins with pastel yellow and fades into tangerine orange, burgundy and grape purple and ends with solid black at the ankles. A gold, scroll-like pattern inspired by wild grapevines overlays the entire outfit.

[Photos: Chelsea McManus]

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