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How Is the Food at the New Firefly? Plus SkinnyFats, More

Firefly Tapas Kitchen & Bar
Firefly Tapas Kitchen & Bar
Photo: Chelsea McManus

More than two months after a salmonella outbreak shut down Firefly Tapas Kitchen & Bar on Paradise Road, Al Mancini visits the new location to see how it's faring.

He tries two of the new additions to the menu — a chicken tinga empanada and fresh garbanzos. He calls the garbanzos "an interesting twist on edamame, but were a bit more difficult to extract. I also had a hard time tasting the chili, lime and sea salt seasoning mentioned on the menu."

Mancini says the baby lamb chops were "just a touch overcooked this time around," and the grilled octopus "was probably the toughest I've ever had — which is saying something. After a first bite, I just gave up on it."

Of note, he did not try anything with chorizo, the food blamed for the salmonella outbreak that sickened 294 people.

Max Jacobson stays within the Vegas Seven neighborhood to check out SkinnyFats, the new three-meal restaurant from Reed Allen Slobusky and his partner chef Josh Green, formerly at Republic Kitchen. While Jacobson doesn't care for the gluten-free pizza, he calls the Chix on Broadway, "maybe the most indulgent chicken sandwich anywhere." Overall, he sayd this restaurant that caters to the healthy and indulgent side will, "leave [you] feeling that the future of casual dining is running in this direction." [VS]

In the name of finding the best burger in Las Vegas, Erik Chudy ventures to Roxy's Diner at the Stratosphere to try pin up Claire Sinclair's Sin City Burger. "Not really sure what all the local bloggers and press people were raving about, but maybe if I was staring at Claire while eating this I might like it more too?" He gives it a 52 out of 100. [VBB]

Heidi Knapp Rinella continues her exploration of restaurants no one cares about by reviewing Market Grille Cafe and handing it an A-. [LVRJ]


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Firefly Tapas Kitchen & Bar

3824 Paradise Road, Las Vegas, NV