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Welcome to Eater's First-Ever Greasy Spoons Week

For the next five days, Eater sites across the nation will be shining a light on the affordable, accessible, comfort food-focused restaurants of this city — dubbed Greasy Spoons Week. From now until the end of the day on Friday, Eater sites from Maine to Seattle, San Diego to Miami ruminate on their favorite diners, lunch counters, and no-frills restaurants, and there will be maps, guides, videos, rants, photo essays, and oh so much more.

Except here in Las Vegas, where the greasy spoon is somewhat of an anomaly. So here you can find a more tempered approach to the week.

In the meantime, feel free to drop in comments about your favorite lunch counter or coffee shop in your neighborhood, or share your favorite diner or pancake house where you love to catch a meal. Feel free to share your recommendations for both greasy spoons and the dishes that they serve. Hit up the tipline or drop your recommendations in the comments.