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11 Massive Numbers You Need To Know About Carmine's

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Photo: Chelsea McManus

A massive restaurant requires an equally monster-sized list of ingredients. Carmine's, the 27,000-square-foot Italian restaurant, just opened at the Forum Shops at Caesars. The sheer amount of product this 700-seat restaurant goes through are astounding. Here, the amount of ingredients including garlic, salmon, veal, mozzarella and more the six locations of Carmine's go through in a week or year, plus some dazzling decorating tips.

1. If you add up the garlic that all Carmine's locations use in one year, it comes out to be 83,913 pounds.

2. Carmine's uses 68,195 pounds of jumbo shrimp a year.

3. In the course of one week, Carmine's goes through approximately 8,925 meatballs.

4. In one year, Carmine's uses 22,738 pounds of salmon.

5. The entire Carmine's family goes through 78 tons, that's 156,000 pounds, of Romano cheese every year.

6. One of Carmine's most popular items is the roaster chicken breast. Customers consume 403,000 pounds of it a year.

7. In the course of a year Carmine's uses just over half a million bottleneck clams at 567,000.

8. Mozzarella cheese tops the list of items purchased at Carmine's. Consider that a semi tractor with a sleeper cab weighs approximately 20,000 pounds. Carmine's uses the equivalent of more than six semi tractors or 125,000 pounds.

9. Before all those veal parmesans are made, the raw weight comes out to 134,000 pounds or 67 tons a year.

10. In the Carmine's Las Vegas location, there are about 7,500 pictures and six portraits hanging on the walls.

11. Approximately 75 chandeliers hang from the ceiling of Carmine's in Las Vegas.
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