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Don't Be a Turkey, Support Local JoJo's Jerky

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Local jerky and dry rub purveyors JoJo's Jerky are looking to their customer base for a lift into the big time. A newly launched Kickstarter project to raise $25,000 has been created by company owner Hans Hippert. The money will help buy more equipment and enable USDA inspections and approval to allow the company to distribute nationally and place they goods in more local stores.

JoJo's beef goods include teriyaki beef, wasabi horseradish prime rib, Caribbean jerk, "Triple Threat" and the buyer beware "Hell On Earth" marinaded in "Satan's Ghost Pepper bath water and other natural flavors." They also offer teriyaki and pepper turkey options.

For your pledges, rewards range from online gratitude to your own custom created jerky product.

A Las Vegas farmer's market regular and attendee at First Friday, StrEATs and Foodie Fest, the company is named after a friend's very young son, JoJo, whose enthusiasm for tasting each batch of jerky made him their "number one taster."
· JoJo's Jerky on Kickstarter []
JoJo's Jerky [Photo: Facebook]