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3 Funniest Outtakes from the 2013 Weekly Awards

Much like every single kid who participated in a baseball game now wins a trophy, awards doled out by magazines and newspapers have achieved that same standard, coming up with a category so everyone wins. Las Vegas Weekly is no different, handing out their 2013 Weekly Awards on the Fourth of July with a series of link baits that force readers to click through myriad links to see the winners online.

In case everyone didn't win an award, LVW now has a list of awards nominated by readers that includes best gumbo, best food ever and best steak and eggs, for example. Instead of an award, the issue could be considered a giant Listicle.

Here, some of the funniest outtakes from the "awards" in the food and beverage categories.

RM Seafood Upstairs winning Best Place to Order Fernet. First of all, it's now Rx Boiler Room. Plus they ran a photo of JR Starkus, who no longer works there. Neither of those facts are mentioned.

Scarlet winning Best Nightlife Secret. "Even Palms employees don't know about this miniature, 200-square-foot speakeasy, located by Rain's entrance."

Firefly Tapas Kitchen & Bar winning Best Date-Night Restaurant. Insert your own joke here. Need we say more?
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