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10 Things You Must Know About Rx Boiler Room

Rx Boiler Room
Rx Boiler Room
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Rick Moonen's new more casual approach for dining opened over the long holiday weekend giving diners a reason to learn more about steampunk, the Wild West approach to science fiction filled with steam-powered machinery. Rx Boiler Room (the Rx is pronounced Rick's) takes over Moonen's former upstairs RM Seafood space at Mandalay Place with a restaurant filled with 19th century nods to the Victorian era. Here, 10 things you must know about the decor at the new restaurant.

1. Eighty percent of the furnishings were found locally, reclaimed and refurbished by Moonen's wife Roni Fields-Moonen.

2. The clock behind the bar reads 10:12 to remind Rick Moonen of his wedding anniversary — Oct. 12.

3. The mirrored mosaic animal heads on the brick wall in the entry are irreplaceable artifacts from India.

4. The 1935 Wurlitzer Baby Grand Piano was originally owned by Fields-Moonen's great grandmother's neighbor in Carmi, Ill.

5. Local artist Victor Chiodini of Industrial Interiors created entry Rx Boiler Room icon with found artifacts such as license plates that are personal to Moonen.

6. The center communal table in the lounge was the original door to RM Seafood's private dining room.

7. The illuminated wall display of drink potions, bottles and flasks was designed and assembled by Moonen.

8. The wood serving platters and under liners are reclaimed wood from barrel staves in California.

9. The wall sconce lighting fixtures are made from repurposed antique seltzer bottles.

10. More than 50 different bitters, house made tinctures, extracts and infusions are on inventory to create the innovative cocktail program at Rx Boiler Room. The restaurant carries most of the standard spirit brands but also features many of the more esoteric micro producers.
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Rx Boiler Room

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