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A Treasure Trove of Possible Futures for Palms

 Alias Jane Club rendering
Alias Jane Club rendering
Photo: Seed Design Studio, Gonzalo Bustamante and Vincent Celano

File under maybe. Permanent Los Angeles resident James Charles Morogiello, who runs the VegasTripping blog and forum under the name Chuckmonster, was tipped by a reader to a series of fully realized architectural renderings that may, or may not, show the way forward at the Palms.

Nightclub%20at%20the%20Palms%208-14-2013.jpgPalms Nightclub rendering [Photo: Seed Design Studio, Gonzalo Bustamante and Vincent Celano]

The out-of-state blogger links to very plausible design proposals for a makeover for the shuttered Rain Nightclub including the adjacent pool space. A barrage of video screens, VIP booths and an elevated DJ booth echoes the latest visual concepts of Hakkasan and Light Club.

The design company's Website also offers up an elaborate and decadent imagining of a new lounge called the Alias Jane Club. The positioning and view from the main window and the two prominent floor supports, awkwardly positioned in the center of the room, are extremely reminiscent of the layout of the former Playboy Club on the 52nd floor of the Fantasy Tower. The S&M-lite design tropes in the art and creation of a riding crop wielding, masked avatar host, hints at a combination of the lounge vision currently in use by The Act and the old Playboy Club. A sign behind a bar reads, "Let's pretend none of this ever happened."

Gonzalo Bustamante Design Works, which created and hosts the images, has worked with Klai Juba Architects and Seed Design Studio on these proposals. A stellar combination of talent, whose coveted skills are to be found in resorts around the city. Gonzalo Bustamante also worked on Heraea, Public House, Holsteins and China Poblano as partner and co-founder of Seed Design Studio with Vincent Celano.

The status of these carefully considered projects is, as yet, unknown. In this same portfolio of images is a link to the long-shuttered Christian Audigier nightclub at T.I., a nudge to caution as to which projects are active, in flux or simply worthy of sharing.

Currently The View, a cocktail bar with bonus board games, occupies the former Playboy space. Palms' huge property-wide refreshing includes the new casino floor located Social bar, Heraea and the new look for Ghostbar, re-opening today. XiShi, the long-promised pan-Asian restaurant replacement for Little Buddha remains without a declared opening date.
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Public House

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China Poblano

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Rain Nightclub

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