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It's a Nice Day for a White Whiskey

White whiskeys at House of Blues
White whiskeys at House of Blues
Photo: Susan Stapleton

Just launched in July, the new white whiskey program at Crossroads at House of Blues inside Mandalay Bay. Here find an edited list of six of these whiskeys, once dubbed moonshine, white lightening or simply hooch.

"Unaged whiskey is new to the city," says general manager Andrew J. Economon. "No one else is doing this. It ties back to our roots."

The list, meant to be a entry for those who want to try whiskey but go with a more familiar clear look, contains Jack Daniels Unaged Rye at 80 proof. This one tastes like rye with a more mellow side.

Jacob's Ghost from Jim Beam uses the same mash bill of corn, rye and barley malt found in Jim Beam White Label Bourbon, but instead aged in oak for one year and then filtered to resemble moonshine.

Stock Car legend Junior Johnson founded the 80 proof Midnight Moon using the Johnson's family moonshine recipe. This small batch whiskey uses American corn and comes triple distilled in a copper pot.

Death's Door White Whiskey out of Wisconsin is made from organic hard red winter wheat and malted barley and double distilled, rested in stainless steel and finished in un-charred Minnesota oak barrels.

Low Gap Whiskey, one of the richest white whiskeys available at 89.6 proof, is made of malted Bavarian hard wheat. This spirit is distilled in an antique, 16-hectoliter cognac still.

Finally, go for a moonshine experience with the 100 proof Ole Smokey Moonshine, which uses a century-old recipe from 80 percent corn and 20 percent secret ingredient.

Each goes for $9 while flights of three are also on the menu for the same price.
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