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Updates on the Downtown Dining You'll Never Get to Try

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The engine that funds Tony Hsieh's bar and restaurant revival of downtown finally arrives on Stewart Avenue in less than a month. Starting Sept. 9, Zappos staffers begin transferring from their current Henderson headquarters to their new downtown control center taking over the former City Hall. For employees, there are dining options that will be hidden from the civilian population.

The Zappos Bistro will add new menu items from its Henderson incarnation in a restaurant housed in the former city library. Hot meals will be served at subsidized pricing. The new Z Café will feature access to a rooftop terrace with views of the Mob Museum. Visitors can order quick food items. A ping pong table will be available and an IT Genius Bar will be manned for any laptop problems.

Zappos staff are provided free soups, salads, sandwiches and drinks as part of their perk package. Around the campus, 25 cent vending machines proliferate and 15 break rooms will be fitted with refrigerators and more beverage choices to continually hydrate the employee ranks.

The official grand opening day on Sept. 9 will include the staggered arrival of tech personnel from the Henderson campus, followed by the transferring of all staff by Oct. 9. A large scale opening celebration is being planned for the Gold Spike, recently renovated by Hsieh's Downtown Project team.
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Zappos Bistro

400 Stewart Ave., Las Vegas, NV

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