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Rock'N'oodles to go from AC/DC to Wang Chung

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Photo: Brien Mceahern

Rock'N'oodles will replace a beef jerky store with music-themed noodle creations, LP sleeve decorations and probably the world's first dish honoring a 42-year-old Marc Bolan song. The brainchild of Brien Mceahern, the restaurant concept was originally pitched to Tony Hsieh's Downtown Project with a video low on production values, but high on enthusiasm.

Mceahern eventually found the former 780-square-foot Sun's Beef Jerky store on the corner of Third St. and Charleston Boulevard. Their promotional tagline is "Electric noodle creations. Rock music from the decades" adding a logo of a head-banging dude holding a steaming bowl of noodles. The restaurant's music selections will range from the sixties to present day hits.

The menu will include soups, salads and desserts, but the 12 noodle dishes, all named after song titles, are the stars of the compact spot. "Back in Black" mixes squid ink to the linguine. "Bang the Gong" features tikka masala and "Buffalo Soldier" melds blue cheese macaroni and buffalo chicken. Hong Kong-style pan fired noodles on a broth of Shaoxing wine and oyster sauce go together to create the "Everybody Wang Chung Tonight."

Construction updates on Mceahern's Facebook page indicate granite countertops and kitchen equipment are already in place.
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1108 S. Third St., Las Vegas, NV