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Possible Names for Britney Spears' Meatball Spot Pies

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Britney%20Spears%20Meatball%20Spot.jpg Meatball Spot [Photos: Bradley Martin/Britney Spears Hot Photos]

Yes, pop princess Britney Spears is involved in Meatball Spot, the restaurant that opened at Town Square and recently shuttered to become a Sugar Factory but will soon resurface technically at the Miracle Mile Shops. Yes, she has a big announcement coming on Sept. 17, and many are speculating that she will announce her residency at PH Live. Or it could be a ruse to announce her new album. Whatever.

Now iVillage, convinced that Meatball Spot is a pizza joint (please note the name) has come up with a list of potential titles for her pizzas tied into songs from her repertoire.

For example, the Stronger would be a triple-meat special sans cheese. The Gimme More would "make traditional pizza fans crazy. BBQ chicken, pineapple, cheese grits, Cheetos and a few doughnuts just to make it fun." Then there's the Ooh La La, a family friendly version that would mimic her video for the song where she dances with her sons. "Topped with a sweet tomato sauce and cheese, with one half pepperoni and meatballs." The Baby One More Time would be "the best pizza you've ever eaten," with smoked mozzarella, thinly sliced lemons, cracked pepper, fresh basil and piles of arugula. Then there's the Womanizer, "the worst pizza for you, but you don't care, you're gonna have it." This one is stuffed with cheese, sausage, pepperoni, double cheese and maybe a side of wings.

Of course, none of this matters because while Meatball Spot, at least under recently departed Carla Pellegrino's direction, served pizza, it mainly served, you guessed it, meatballs.
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Meatball Spot

6605 Las Vegas Blvd. S. , Las Vegas, NV 89119 702-641-7768 Visit Website

Meatball Spot

3663 Las Vegas Blvd. S., Las Vegas, NV