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Your Gargantuan Guide to 41 Downtown Vegas Plywood Updates

Holy smokes is Downtown Las Vegas one insanely massive plywood project. While the Zappos headquarters has finally officially moved into its downtown digs, the fingerprints of head honcho Tony Hsieh keep making their mark all over the restaurant and bar scene here. Downtown Grand hopes to steal some thunder by unleashing no less than 17 bars and restaurants come October just as the one square block Container Park reveals shipping container-sized outlets. And in between, more possibilities for celebrity chefs to make inroads in this once-neglected haven in the city. Here now, your essential guide to 41 bars and restaurants coming to Downtown Las Vegas.

Bradley Martin contributed photos, insight and more to this article.

A%20Certain%20Gentleman%209-16-2013.jpg A Certain Gentleman
Location: 1228 S. Casino Center Blvd.
A tiny roaring '20s themed urban lounge with a rooftop patio comes to the Arts District.
Opening: 2014
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[Photo: Creative Beverages LLC]
Banger%20Brewing%209-12-2013.jpgBanger Brewing
Location: Neonopolis
Locally conceived 6,772-square-foot brew pub Banger Brewing may finally open on the ground floor of Fremont Street's Neonopolis shopping mall come October. Expect to find two local brews created in house once they open their doors.
Opening: Late October
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[Photo: Bradley Martin]
Bar%20One%209-12-2013.jpgBar One
Location: Golden Nugget, 129 Fremont St.
This future bar opens to the Fremont Street Experience inside the Golden Nugget.
Opening: Late 2013
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[Photo: Bradley Martin]
Big%20Ern%27s%20BBQ%209-12-2013.jpgBig Ern's BBQ
Location: Container Park, 707 Fremont St.
The temporary barbecue joint gets a permanent home inside the Container Park when it opens.
Opening: Late October
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[Photo: Bradley Martin]
Bunkhouse%20Saloon%209-16-13.jpgBunkhouse Saloon
Location: 124 S. 11th St.
Downtown Project revamps this dive bar into a non-smoking, non-gaming spot.
Opening: Late November
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[Photo: Bunkhouse Saloon]
Commisary%20After%20Dark%209-12-2013.jpgCommissary After Dark
Location: Downtown Grand
The Commissary inside the coming Downtown Grand contains a curated collection of restaurants that includes I Heart Burgers, 3rd Street Tacos, Short Round's Bao & Dumplings, The Commissary Bar with 31 beers on tap and a coffee and dessert concept with walk-up service. On weekend nights, the space will become the Commissary After Dark, a nightlife venue.
Opening: Late October
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[Photo: Bradley Martin]
Container%20Park%209-12-2013.jpgContainer Park
Location: Container Park, 707 Fremont St.
Aside from Big Ern's BBQ, look for The Boozery, a smaller version of The Beat Coffeehouse dubbed the Beatnik, sausage and bean joint Pork 'n Beans with Kerry Simon, wine bar Bin 702, Pinches Tacos and The Charcuterie all in the one square container park block.
Opening: Late October
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[Photo: Bradley Martin]
Downtown%20Grand%209-12-2013.jpgDowntown Grand
Location: 206 N. Third St.
The new hotel taking over the former Lady Luck features the 24-hour Stewart & Ogden Diner Bistro, a '30s-inspired and 24-hour The Spread Sports Book & Deli, a pool called Picnic, Art Bar, Furnace Bar, shaved ice spot The Ninth Island and the aforementioned The Commissary (with I Heart Burgers, 3rd Street Tacos, Short Round's Bao & Dumplings, Coffee & Crepes and The Bar at Commissary on the ground floor of the Grand Tower) and the Commissary After Dark. So far, the hotel is taking reservations starting Oct. 27.
Opening: Late October
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[Photo: Bradley Martin]
Ferguson%20Motel%209-16-2013.jpgFerguson's Motel
Location: 1028 Fremont St.
Downtown Project's 50,768-square-foot former motel converts into a retro-styled retail center with a 3,750-square-foot tavern and a 1,750-square-foot patio. Two other bars will also be on the property as well as a coffee shop.
Opening: 2014
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[Photo: Bradley Martin]
Golden%20Gate%20bar%209-12-2013.jpgGolden Gate Bar
Location: Golden Gate, 1 Fremont St.
Under the canopy of the Fremont Street Experience, a sequel to dancing girls' One Bar and Flair Bar at the Golden Gate.
Opening: Any minute
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[Photo: Bradley Martin]
Inspire%20theater%209-15-2013%202.jpgInspire Theater
Location: 501 Fremont St.
Of note on the food and beverage front for the Tony Hsieh/Downtown Project's Inspire Theater, a coffee shop on the ground floor and a rooftop bar.
Opening: Late 2013
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[Photo: Bradley Martin]
John%20E%20Carson%20Hotel%209-12-2013.jpg John E. Carson Hotel
Location: 124 S. Sixth St.
Another Downtown Project undertaking, the John E. Carson Hotel revamp so far includes a rumored restaurant from Kerry Simon and O Face Doughnuts. More surely will be included in the lineup.
Opening: December
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[Photo: Bradley Martin]
Lefebvre%209-16-13-thumb.jpgLe Station
Location: Unknown
Los Angeles pop-up restaurant maestro Ludo Lefebvre is rumored to be bringing Le Station, an oyster bar, somewhere downtown, although so far nothing more than a Website is registered. Le Thai co-owner Puoy Premsrirut is involved.
Opening: Unknown
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[Photo: Ludo Lefebvre]
Michael%20Patrick%27s%209-12-2013.jpg Michael Patrick's
Location: Golden Nugget, 129 Fremont St.
Already the Carson Street Cafe has a sheet of plywood covering it to make way for Michael Patrick's, which uses the same name as a 24/7 brasserie at the Golden Nugget Atlantic City. On the East Coast, Michael Patrick's serves "an upscale, eclectic menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner."
Opening: Late 2013
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[Photo: Bradley Martin]
MTO%20Cafe%209-12-2013.jpgMTO Cafe
Location: 500 S. Main St.
On the ground floor of the City Hall parking garage find this breakfast and lunch spot called MTO Cafe, for Made To Order. In addition to a main dining room they are building a diner-style counter and will also focus on to-go orders and delivery.
Opening: October or November
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[Photo: Bradley Martin]
Nacho%20Daddy%209-12-2013.jpg Nacho Daddy
Location: 113 S. Fourth St.
Zappos boss Tony Hsieh loves Nacho Daddy so much that he became a silent partner in the restaurant moving into downtown digs. Look for the tipsy sombrero-wearing logoed location to have outdoor seating and a to-go window.
Opening: Early October
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[Photo: Bradley Martin]
Location: Downtown Grand, 206 N. Third St.
The rooftop pool at the Downtown Grand plans to serve seasonal cocktails and frozen fruit skewers served at tables, cabanas, in the poolside lounge or on a personal picnic blanket spread out on the grass. This 1950s-inspired pool plans to have live acts and film screenings.
Opening: Late October
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[Photo: Bradley Martin]
Pizza%20Rock%209-12-2013.jpgPizza Rock
Location: Downtown Grand, 201 N. Third St.
Pizza god Tony Gemignani from San Francisco plans to open a downtown Vegas outpost of his famous joint. Find a menu of Italian and American pizza styles including Neapolitan, classic Italian, classic American, Sicilian, Roman and gluten free, all cooked in one of the restaurant's four different ovens as well as an acoustic brunch on the weekends.
Opening: Late summer
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[Photo: Bradley Martin]
Plaza%20Beer%20Garden%209-12-2013.jpgPlaza Beer Garden
Location: The Plaza, 1 S. Main St.
The Plaza gets in the beer game with a new beer garden in front of the resort, a part of the existing food court.
Opening: Late December
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[Photo: Bradley Martin]
Location: 1126 Fremont St.
This canteen-style neighborhood restaurant and coffee shop stretches the definition of Downtown Vegas to the East Village.
Opening: Fall 2013
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[Photo: Facebook]
Location: 1108 S. Third St.
The rock and roll-inspired menu here will feature soups, salads and desserts, but the 12 noodle dishes, all named after song titles, are the stars of the compact spot.
Opening: Mid-October
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[Photo: Facebook]
Rush%20Lounge%209-12-2013.jpgRush Lounge
Location: Golden Nugget, 129 Fremont St.
This bar at the Golden Nugget gets a makeover that makes it bigger and more open to the casino.
Opening: October
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[Photo: Bradley Martin]
Location: Ogden, 150 Las Vegas Blvd. N.
Downtown Cocktail Room owner Michael Cornthwaite expands with a 2,200-square-foot bar, dubbed Scullery, with an eight-seat bar, banquettes, an intimate nook for two, three private booths and a cocktail program with lighter drinks.
Opening: October
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[Photo: Bradley Martin]
Location: Ogden, 150 Las Vegas Blvd. N.
Miki Agrawal's organic-friendly pizza joint should open any minute at the Ogden. Expect Agrawal on the ukelele and reading from her new book.
Opening: Any minute
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[Photo: Facebook]

Le Thai

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Pizza Rock

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