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First Look at Mob Bar's Swanky New Downtown Joint

Mob Bar
Mob Bar
Photo: Bradley Martin

Mob Bar is going for a ride and not to a hole dug out in the desert. Since December 2011, the retro-themed bar with a menu served by the adjacent Triple George Grill kitchen, has resided on the corner of Third Street and Ogden. With the upcoming debut of the Downtown Grand resort, it will be take up a new residency in a very appropriate corner spot down the block, directly facing the Mob Museum.

The vacant Mob Bar vacant space will be filled by an expanding Triple George Grill, which will place it flush against the forthcoming Pizza Rock. On the other side, Hogs & Heifers Saloon is currently waiving on any site improvements. The hotel section of the Downtown Grand project is scheduled to start accommodating guests beginning Oct. 27.
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Mob Bar

201 N Third Street, Las Vegas, NV 89101 702-259-9700 Visit Website

Pizza Rock

1020 K Street, , CA 95814 (916) 737-5777 Visit Website

Mob Bar

206 N. Third St., Las Vegas, NV