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Downtown Grand Settles for a 'Vivacious' Red Mansion

Red Mansion
Red Mansion
Photo: Facebook

The Downtown Grand has finally committed to naming its casino-floor Chinese restaurant with only weeks before opening day. The frantically under construction remodel of the former Lady Luck casino and hotel has taken a year to finally commit and sign off on a logo.

Red Mansion is described in the current Zappos employee newsletter as offering "creative, healthy and beautifully presented dishes that are served in a vivacious and exciting setting. Using the freshest ingredients and expertly combined into authentic, delectable specialties from different regions of China, Red Mansion will appeal to a variety of dim sum aficionados."

Any details of the cuisine, or the name Red Mansion, are still absent from the company's official Website.

The 45-seat space demonstrates a suitably red hue in Facebook photographs charting the space's construction progress. Earlier press releases sent to hotel booking Websites had named the concept, "Changs Hong Kong Cuisine" and stated it would serve lunch and dinner.

Chang's Hong Kong Cuisine is the exact same name as an existing Chinese and dim sum restaurant operating at 4670 S. Decatur Blvd. since 1995. Downtown Grand is also planning on opening Short Round's Bao & Dumplings fast-serve spot, which borrows the name and logo iconography of a character in the 1984 Steven Spielberg directed film Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

The Downtown Grand is currently accepting reservations for the hotel portion of the property starting Oct. 27.
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Red Mansion

206 N. Third, Las Vegas, NV, 89101