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A Certain Gentleman Desires an Urban Lounge in the Arts District

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A Certain Gentleman
A Certain Gentleman
Photo: Creative Beverages LLC

A Certain Gentleman, a roaring '20s themed urban lounge, is planning to swell up the joint in the Arts District. The concept from Brittany Davis is to convert 889-square-foot of space at The Art Haus studio building and combine the two rooms with a new spiral staircase. A bonus 396-square-foot second floor deck will be added to the mix.

The exterior will be remolded with new stone finishes, trellises and solid wood planks, with plenty of new planters creating a "green wall."

The theme will focus on wine and classic cocktails. Proposed exterior signage written in script says, "recalling certain gentlemen of other days who made drinking one of the pleasures of life... " The inscription comes from the Old Waldorf Astoria Bar Book by A.S. Crockett, a collection of classic recipes.

While there is no hidden door, a sign saying "Beer Here" points the way. The compact speakeasy-sized interior seats 16 in the main lounge, six at the downstairs bar and eight upstairs. The facing parking lot will also be modified into an outdoor plaza viewable from the 21-person capacity roof deck.

Building owners Proview Series LLC, headed by L.A. developer Kamran Fouladbakhsh, have already jumped into the Downtown redevelopment scene with the purchase of three properties on far, far east Fremont Street earlier this year, including the Bonanza Lodge and Ariza Motel. They also plan to revive those long neglected locations.
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A Certain Gentleman

1228 S. Casino Center Blvd., Las Vegas, NV