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The Former Charlie Trotter Space Gets an Asian Buffet Makeover

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The dining room at Restaurant Charlie.
The dining room at Restaurant Charlie.

[Photos: JZA+D]

All final remnants of Charlie Trotter's long-gone Michelin-starred Restaurant Charlie at the Palazzo will be swept away by the forthcoming arrival of the Shi Fang Market. This surprising concept features 7,000 square feet of casual and open-plan Asian dining. Completely open to the Palazzo's casino floor, visitors will enter though three LED edge lit, stone built moon gate arches and be served from open-plan kitchens.

Guests will be able to order from five serving stations, each featuring an illuminated menu advertising their wares. The early plan is for the options to be designated dim sum, roasting, Hong Kong Cafe, Korean barbecue and noodle bar, with signs above each destination in a buffet-style restaurant.

Customers can sit in a curved indoor terrace facing the gaming action or further inside in the main dining room.

Non-diners can also choose stool seating at the juice bar or a regular bar serving wine from a remodel of Trotter's former glass wine room.

Above the half moon entrances, the market name will be hung in individual letters. A low decorative metal railing is all that separates the seating from the casino.

Above, large metal panels cover the ceilings. With few walls, hanging objects provide much of the design. Custom-built lights with rice paper shades hang down, as do bare bulbs and a formation of small wood blocks arranged in an undulating pattern suspend over the tables, mixing with the lighting. Familiar decorative lanterns, light bulbs and strings of cables hang over the dining counters.

The floor is sectioned into faux wood, cobblestones and porcelain tiles, the whole space a mix of stone, wood and terracotta, with red accents on the seat fabrics and wooden pillars.

Restaurant Charlie and its adjoining Japanese-inspired Bar Charlie shuttered in 2010. The space has since been carefully maintained and used for special events since.
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