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Of Course, Krave Didn't Have a Sales Tax Permit

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Now the reason Krave Massive shut down the Friday of Labor Day weekend is on the books. The club, which vowed to become the largest gay nightclub in the world, did not have a sales tax permit, according to the Las Vegas Sun.

Chris Nielsen, director of the Nevada Taxation Department, would not divulge why the nightclub inside Neonopolis did not have a permit.

Even more murky, the Downtown Project, which is in negotiations to take over 100 percent ownership of the club, cites a "lack of funds" to obtain the license. The Tony Hsieh-led Downtown Project with a $350 million budget to revitalize Downtown in anticipation of Zappos' move there today is a minority owner in Krave.

Clark County has an 8.1 percent sales tax.

The original Krave at the Miracle Mile Shops closed in October to make way for this behemoth, estimated to be 80,000 square feet. Delays hampered the opening, originally scheduled for New Year's Eve, until June 15, when only three of the bars came to fruition. To catch up on all the details in this riveting tale, click here.
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Krave Massive

450 E. Fremont St., Las Vegas, NV