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Could the Days Be Numbered for Weekly Paper CityLife?

Seems the days are numbered for Las Vegas' weekly alternative newspaper CityLife. Multiple reports are emerging that the weekly from Stephens Media will shutter soon.

George Knapp, who freelances for the publication, tried to get confirmation that the weekly is going out of business. "I can't seem to get anyone to tell me what's going on with Las Vegas City Life. Is the paper doomed? The silence speaks volumes," he tweeted.


Before that, he tweeted, "Farewell to City Life, the weekly alt-news paper. 80,000 Nevadans read it every week. Will it still be around next week? Doubtful." (Note: 80,000 seems like an ambitious readership number.)

The CityLife Twitter account responded, "Next week? Yes."

CityLife has two freelance food writers, Mitchell Willburn and E.C. Gladstone. Longtime food critic Al Mancini departed in October to write about food for Vegas Seven.

Just yesterday, the Las Vegas Review-Journal, another Stephens Media newspaper, reported an editorial realignment that included dispensing of the Wednesday Taste section and multiple layoffs, mostly on the copy editing desk.

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