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Sneak Preview of TAP at the MGM Grand

TAP borrows its concept from the MGM Grand Detroit.
TAP borrows its concept from the MGM Grand Detroit.

[Photos: Bradley Martin]

TAP, the sequel to MGM Grand Detroit's successful sports bar concept, expects to land in Las Vegas in time for the Super Bowl weekend. Already, the electrical work is up and running, awaiting the completion of a fully working kitchen and multiple beer taps for the multitude of impending beers.

The woody open design features a central bar, equally open-plan kitchen and wooden tables logo branded like the exterior. Pebbled glass inside is absent from the exterior walls to create views of the casino from all sides. The main raised entrance faces the lines of clubbers waiting to enter Hakkasan and the existing, circular Centrifuge bar steps away. The overall look is very similar in approach to its Detroit sibling.

The 9,108-square-foot project with an estimated $5,690,595 construction budget is the replacement of the free Lion Habitat exhibit and retail store that operated for 11 years before being shuttered by the resort in January 2012.
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Hakkasan Las Vegas Nightclub

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