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Yes, Anthony Bourdain Was Offered a Vegas 'Meat Palace'

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Anthony Bourdain
Anthony Bourdain
Photo: Raphael Brion/Eater National

Who knew television personality and chef Anthony Bourdain was offered a massive meat palace in Las Vegas? Bourdain is at the Cayman Cookout 2014, where he stopped by to talk to Eater National about all things Bourdain, including his new market coming to New York and what he initially called a "Vegas steakhouse" but really sounded like a "meat palace."

The opportunity was offered, but Bourdain tells Eater National why he didn't take this anonymous resort up on the offer.

It wasn't just steak, it was like world of meat. Rotating pigs in the window and every variety, Argentinean and Brazilian and Parisian steaks. It was a massive and no doubt wildly enriching project, but I just thought what if it sucks? Somebody would go in and tweet, I was just at your restaurant in Vegas and it was very disappointing. That would kill me. I'm a control freak.

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