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Next for Downtown? Three More Bars, All in a Row

612 Carson
612 Carson
Photo: Bradley Martin

Zappos head honcho Tony Hsieh and his Downtown Project redevelopment company continue their rampant fascination with alcohol, adding three more taverns to their portfolio, this time building them next door to each other.

Located diagonally across from Eat and the Container Park, the former retail block will be split up into new ventures. Three taverns are currently on tap, created under the umbrella company name of 612 Carson LLC. One of the earliest purchases for Hsieh's team, the property was presciently bought in May 2012 for $600,000.

At 612 Carson, the 2,000-square-foot tavern will feature 685 square feet of outdoor patio. At number 618, a 1,633-square-foot bar will include 385 square feet of outdoor seating and at 624 Carson, another 2,000-square-foot public house will host a smaller 250 square feet of outdoor space.

The rental tenants have moved out and Downtown Tattoo has relocated down East Fremont into the same retail block that will eventually house restaurant and coffeehouse PublicUs.
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612 Carson

612 Carson Ave., Las Vegas, NV