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Whiskey Dick's Wants to Bring Gun Fighting; More

NORTH LAS VEGASWhiskey Dick's wants to make gun fighting a spectator sport. If the tavern gets its way, gunfighters who use modified handguns and non-lethal ammunition will battle it out in a "stage cage." "The 30-by-8-foot steel cage is designed so gunslingers can stand at opposite ends of the cage while a live band plays on the top of the cage. The combatants wear body armor and use modified 9 mm Glocks with non-lethal ammunition." [8 News Now]

DOWNTOWN — Efforts are under way to create an affordable gay neighborhood Downtown but away from the Arts District or Fremont Street. Real-estate agent Jack Levine is one of about four investors who hopes to start buying property soon. [LVS]

Whiskey Dick's

2750 E. Craig Road, North Las Vegas, NV 89030