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A Fusion Ramen Champion Replaces Cafe de Japon

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Photo/logo: Facebook/Hiromaru

Chef Hironori Kawai is bringing his Japanese ramen franchise to Chinatown. Hiromaru will take over Cafe de Japon, shuttered by chef Kiichi Okabe last November.

Kawai specializes in organic noodles with imaginative ingredients. In 2010, Shittoko, a Japanese morning TV show, voted him their "Fusion Ramen Champion." In Japan chef Kawai operates six locations, varying in size from a food truck to a full restaurant.

A menu posted on Hiromaru's Website includes seven primary ramen dishes, all priced under $9, including the Mentai-Mayo ramen "accented with spicy caviar and mayonnaise" and tonkotsu "pork broth and milk" topped with bacon and fresh scallion. Side dishes include potstickers and chicken karaage.

Construction has just begun on the 2,130-square-foot overhaul. The company translates the Hiromari restaurant name as meaning "from Japan to the world with full of the love of ramen."
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