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Now the Juhl Gets One of Those Downtown Bars

Juhl, Downtown's residential high-rise, is getting a tavern.

Juhl Tavern
Juhl Tavern
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While rumors still float around possible future tenants serving food, booze or both at the Soho Lofts residential high-rise, it looks like it will be Juhl that gets to add yet another tavern to the very wet Downtown scene.

A new proposal wants to slot a 1,052-square-foot tavern into space #111 on the Bonneville side of the building. The current projected name is the Juhl Tavern. Jerome Harry, a resident of the rental property is listed as the owner.

The building's only retail tenant, The Town Bike, shuttered early this year after less than six months in business, leaving the ground floor still completely vacant of the shopping and dining experiences promised since the Juhl debuted in 2008.