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Yojie Japanese Fondue Will Swish at Village Square

Yojie Japanese Fondue, L.A.'s expanding shabu shabu chain is headed to Village Square.

Avison Young

Soon you'll be able to be your own chef and "swish-swish" items like Angus beef, salmon and chicken at Village Square. California's Yojie Japanese Fondue will occupy a corner spot, a few paces from Viva Mercado's Mexican Bar & Grill.

As Eater Vegas first revealed back in July, the thin, rectangular 1,572-square-foot space will import Yojie's, pronounced yo-gee-ay, L.A. style featuring "instrumental hip-hop music" so not to be "offensive to any guest." It will also function as an art gallery, constantly changing the decor and showcasing local artists.

Each of the 32 dining seats comes with its own hot plate and pot of boiling water or broth to create Shabu Shabu or Sukiyaki. Vegetables and meats are cooked and swished, then dipped into a selection of Japanese sauces and eaten with rice.

Shabu Shabu is a more savory dish and focused on sauces, while Sukiyaki is described as sweeter and all about the broth

The company prides itself on serving a menu of fresh ingredients with no added grease, oil, or added MSG.

Yojie Japanese Fondue rendering

Yojie Japanese Fondue rendering

Yojie’s dessert fondue comes in four chocolate flavors, milk, dark, red velvet and green tea. Into these sauces you will be able to dip "strawberries, bananas, pound cake, rice crispies treats and gourmet marshmallows." Also available, "ice cream desserts such as banana foster, mochi and Japanese floats."

The plan is to open by the end of the month and serve between noon and 10 p.m. daily.