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How Are the Pancakes (and More) at Griddle Cafe?

Plus an omelet, some sandwiches and plain vanilla shakes.

Griddle Cafe
Griddle Cafe
Wonho Frank Lee

Al Mancini checks out the 20 varieties of pancakes at Griddle Cafe at the SLS Las Vegas. He says the Banananana "had sugar-baked bananas in the batter. It tasted like a classic banana pancake, made unique by the contrast between the smooth, fluffy batter and the occasional crunch of caramelized sugar."

He also recommends Mom’s French toast and the hoagie omelet ("It didn’t taste much like a real Philly hoagie (that’s an Italian sub to the rest of you), but the sausage gave it a nice kick.").

On the sandwich side of the menu, recommends the chicken breast but says El Pollo Rico are "spicy." He also says the restaurant won’t serve a plain vanilla shake sans the alcohol. "I was told they couldn’t do it."