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Tenaya Creek Brewery Changes Stream, Relocating Downtown

Tenaya Creek Brewery is committed to Downtown and have found a new space. A relocating space.

Tenaya Creek Brewery rendering
Tenaya Creek Brewery rendering
Atwood Design

Back in March, Eater Vegas reported on Tenaya Creek Brewery's plan to expand downtown. But even after the Third Street, 17,321-square-foot space was successfully zoned for an urban lounge, the brewery owners changed their minds. They will now be creating a 13,071-square-foot brew pub two miles from that spot and building the added attraction of an on-site, fully operational, 11,293-square-foot brewery.

But they now make the pointed distinction of calling this an act of "relocating."

Located at 831 W. Bonanza, the unglamorous industrial landscape surrounding the new site includes the dead shell of the former Moulin Rouge casino and the still alive, but equally cadaverous Las Vegas Review-Journal.

The estimated $3 million Tenaya Creek project will tentatively operate from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m Monday through Saturday and on Sundays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Inside there will be room for 74 right at the bar and room for 26 more at tables in the tap room lounge.

The original Tenaya Creek Brewery on Tenaya Way has been operating since November 1999. This new upgrade will allow the company to expand their distribution and increase production.

Noted in the application is a city official's memo, "staff supports the request for the chain link fence and razor wire fencing along the south and east property lines, as this site has a history of vagrant activity."

Tenaya Creek hopes to debut downtown in February 2015. No timetable for an update on the status of the original location has been announced.