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Behind the Yardbird Southern Table & Bar Plywood

Yardbird Southern Table & Bar has a chef and a distinct design in mind at the Venetian.

Yardbird Southern Table & Bar
Yardbird Southern Table & Bar
Bradley Martin

Alongside news Todd Harrington will become the chef at the Venetian's forthcoming Yardbird Southern Table & Bar comes new inside word on what is behind the plywood at the resort's restaurant row.

Owners 50 Eggs Inc. will be bringing their famed brunch and new some menu innovations when they finally expand beyond their Miami base next year after a long rumored Las Vegas courtship. And the front of Yarbird's 8,600-square-foot Vegas home will be dominated by a large bar and lounge area.

Entering a few steps away from the front door of Daniel Boulud's DB Brasserie, guests will first encounter an inverted L-shaped bar with room for 18 stools. Behind the bar top, a cocktail program will include an special focus on ice, complete with a special on-site ice room where mixologists will "harvest" hand-cut blocks.

To the right of the bar, a large lounge is designed to include tables, deep chairs and sofas with room for three. Herringbone wood tile covers the floor of the lounge and main dining areas. The lounge leads into the main dinging room with a mixture of tables and long booths. To the right is a semiprivate dining area equipped with sliding doors. A fully private dining room is hidden behind the bar.

The exterior will be a mix of sliding doors or open-able windows framed by wood shutters, menu boards, mounted sconce lighting and a matte white brick veneer texture on the walls. Reclaimed oak, pines and walnuts wood elements are being used, plus brass, steel and also white enamel accent finishes.

Seating 180 guests, 50 Eggs is bringing to the restaurant "antique candlestick holders, wildflowers on all the tables and handmade light fixtures outfitted with Edison bulbs in Mason jars."

Currently hiring, the space is on schedule for an early 2015 debut.