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Take a Look at the Eclectic Whist Stove & Spirits

A semi-barrel vaulted ceiling, murals and mismatched furniture.

[Photos: Amelinda B Lee]

If you’ve wanted an eclectic restaurant with a barrel ceiling, living room seating and mismatched furniture, Henderson’s new Whist Stove & Spirits is just the place for you. The recently opened 3,000-square-foot restaurant is now open at The District in Green Valley Ranch.

Start outside, where a patio has a year-round garden. Inside, an oversized bar dominates the center of the room shaped by semi-barrel vaulted white brick ceilings on each side. One side of the room features living room-style seating and a display wine cellar while a more traditional dining room sits on the other side.

The furnishings here are wrapped in different patterns and fabrics while overhead hangs oversized crystal chandeliers. Pillars throughout the room are draped in maroon. Surrealist imagery from Marion Peck, Mark Ryden, Travis Louie and Eric Joyner take over the walls and a mural by Cass Fuller of a woman from a cigar box lines the entire back wall.

Whist Stove & Spirits
The District at Green Valley Ranch, 2235 Village Walk Drive, Henderson