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Downtown's Hawthorne Speakeasy Is D.O.A.

23 skidoo to the Twenties-inspired Hawthorne bar in the Arts District.

Bradley Martin

"23 skidoo small change." The Hawthorne bar, lounge and speakeasy headed to the Arts District is dead on arrival. First disclosed by Eater Vegas back in September 2013 under its original and terrible name of A Certain Gentleman, Vegas Seven is now reporting the unfinished bar is for sale even before it meets its "coming soon" empty promise.

Operator Brittany Michelle Davis and her Creative Beverage LLC have not updated the Hawthorne's Facebook or Twitter pages since June 2.

Located just off Charleston on Casino Center in the Arts District, original plans called for 16 seats in the main lounge, six at the downstairs bar and eight upstairs. An outdoor roof deck would have provided room for 21.

The 1920s theme was supposed to focus on wine and "classic forgotten cocktails." Once the joint was renamed the Hawthorne, it was revealed the inspiration was the "Hawthorne Hotel in Cicero, IL that was machine gunned down in 1926." It was actually Al Capone that mobsters attempted and failed to gun down. The hotel, dubbed "Capone's Castle" was an innocent bystander that survived the hit.



As of yesterday afternoon, the exterior was almost complete, missing one very visible window. The original speakeasy insiders-only concept was blown away months ago when a huge sign declaring Bar was installed.