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Updating Siegel’s 1941 and Stone Crab at El Cortez

Updating the 24-hour Siegel’s 1941 and the stone crab situation at El Cortez

Siegel’s 1941
Siegel’s 1941
Bradley Martin

At downtown's El Cortez, banners are now mounted outside Siegel’s 1941, the 24-hour, "Morning. Noon. Night." replacement for locals' favorite The Flame, which shuttered Aug 31.

Current announcements call for a winter debut for the never shut project and executive manager Alexandra Epstein has stated an early 2015 unveiling would be a safe bet.

Archival artwork will be be included in the design "as an homage to the history of El Cortez and Vegas" and also referencing mobster Bugsy Siegel, who bought the resort with fellow trouble makers Meyer Lansky, Gus Greenbaum and Moe Sedway in 1945 for $600,000. El Cortez was originally built in 1941.

The upgraded menu will include The Flame's former favorites like prime rib and stone crab, "as well as innovative new chef-driven selections" and ambitious dreams of "a step back in time, when steaks were steaks and wine was wine."

For fan's of El Cortez's crab feasts who don't want to wait until next year, starting today the Café Cortez will be serving one pound of Florida stone crab priced at $32. But this special will only be offered on Fridays. The dish includes coleslaw, cottage-fried potatoes and is on the menu until the limited number of crabs have been snapped up.