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See the 20-Seat Chef's Counter (and More) at David Clawson Restaurant

The new restaurant in Henderson features a personalized omakase experience.

[Photos: Amelinda B Lee]

Take a gander at chef David Clawson's new restaurant in Henderson, what he calls a "paint the Picasso." David Clawson Restaurant offers "a more casual vibe, just simple, honest, from the heart service and cooking." Find a 20-seat chef's counter to watch over dishes as they’re made both on traditional and small plates. Bonus: You can order wines, beers, sake and ciders to complement each menu item in two-ounce tastings, five-ounce glasses or bottles. Bonus No. 2: You can order a personalized omakase experience.

David Clawson Restaurant
2840 Bicentennial Parkway
Henderson, NV 89044