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Are Guy Fieri and a Drunk Ass Headed to Laughlin?

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Mounting rumors suggest Guy Fieri's upcoming restaurant in Laughlin will be Mexican flavored. Mexican donkey flavored.

Guy Fieri and Harrah's Laughlin
Guy Fieri and Harrah's Laughlin
Flow TV and Harrah's Laughlin

Little information has leaked about superstar TV chef Guy Fieri's forthcoming new restaurant inside the Harrah's Laughlin resort. Announced back in May and located 98 miles south of his Guy Fieri's Vegas Kitchen & Bar at The Quad, the only official word is his team is hiring and publicly aiming for a winter 2014 arrival. But new rumors suggest, for the first time, a trip to Fieri's Flavortown will take guests on a full wild ride south of the border.

A recent Las Vegas construction bid labeled this venture the "Guy Fieri Mexican Remodel," reasonable since the restaurant will be built on the site of the former Baja Blue Cantina space. But local blog Laughlin Buzz has suspected from the get-go Fieri will serve up a Mexican twist. Their investigations even extended to visiting the Vegas Strip to review the Vegas Kitchen & Bar to see how it would fit into the Laughlin landscape. (Their verdict? Laughlin diners skew much older than the clientele in Vegas and the prices and style of the dishes might scare them off.)

A post on the Buzz blog's own Facebook page seemed to confirm their suspicions, with a tipster confidently revealing Fieri's project would be named "borracho burro" and "pending no issues it will open mid December."

Now, a breakaway from his regular Guy-talian and off the chain American comfort food menus really does seem in the cards for the TV star, in light of a new document discovered by Eater Vegas.

On Sept. 15, Fieri's own Knuckle Sandwich LLC trademarked the name El Burro Borracho for future use as a restaurant. The name, which can mean drunk donkey or drunk burro or drunk ass, makes perfect sense for the human lava lamp creator of the special Donkey Sauce condiment found in all of his other restaurants.

This all-new donkey show could also serve as a proving ground for expansion around the country. Given the huge success in Las Vegas, a future El Burro Borracho located 98 miles up north makes equally perfect sense within the Caesars empire.