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Curry Zen Expanding Beyond Chinatown

Chinatown's Curry Zen is expanding, but not where expected.

Curry Zen
Curry Zen

Curry Zen is expanding beyond its Chinatown roots and not, as rumored, headed downtown. The Japanese curry house neighbor to Raku, Monta and Kabuto has found a new place in the southwest, with new neighbors Pin Kaow Thai, Jenni Pho and Pot Tea Social House.

Located in the Rainbow Village Shopping Center, the 1,106-square-foot space was once home to 911 Pizza. Improvements to the restaurant have just begun, which has gained a loyal local fan-base for its curries paired with pork or chicken katsu, Kurobata sausage, croquettes and a personal choice heat index that can rise to a feisty level 10.