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Meet the Draught Cocktails at Yusho

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The Japanese street food restaurant at the Monte Carlo makes its own versions of classic cocktails, all on tap.

Yusho's draught cocktails
Yusho's draught cocktails
Amelinda B Lee

Get to know the draught cocktails at Yusho, the adventurous Japanese restaurant with street-style food from Matthias Merges at the Monte Carlo. Six different cocktails find a home on tap behind the bar.

Chef Brian Lhee and general manager Josh Wolf mix up these cocktails in Corny Kegs and let them marinate for three to four days, when the liquor becomes carbonated. Oxygen is removed and replaced with CO2.

"Like a soup, they achieve this depth in there that you don’t normally get," Lhee says.

Wolf says he uses more boutique liquors, fresh juices and their own recipes in these classic cocktails. The gin and tonic uses Navy Strength Gin and a house-made tonic that has a more earthy flavor. The Booze Cola mirrors a rum and Coke, only with Myers's dark rum, Cruzan rum, citric acid and simple syrup. The Chuhai, one of the most popular on the menu, is enormously popular in Japan, using Sudachi Shochu sake that tastes a lot like whiskey, jasmine tea and citrus for an easy-drinking cocktail. The Roadsoda is another that relies on sake as a base, using Nama-Genshu sake, London Dry gin and lemon. Yusho is even working to unveil its own branding on these cans of sake. The Daiquiri uses an overproof white rum, lime and sugar for a not typical rendition of this drink. Finally, the Paloma uses blanco tequila, grapefruit and mineral water.

Land one draught cocktail for $13, a flight of six for $24, four for $14 and a second flight of four for $10.

Yusho Japanese Grill & Noodle House

3770 S Las Vegas Blvd, Paradise, NV 89109 702-730-7777 Visit Website