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Europe's Amorino Gelato to Chill Town Square

Amorino to bring gelato flowers and more, from Europe to Town Square.

While Downtown Summerlin awaits the arrival of Australia's Gelato Messina, Town Square is getting in on the action of poaching international, high-end, artisanal gelato purveyors.

Amorino is on its way to suite 100, serving Italian gelato made with "organic eggs, good fresh whole milk and natural ingredients." Also coming, elaborately packaged chocolates, waffles served with toppings like organic apricot jam, focaccina bread filled with gelato, crepes and a full range of macarons.

Amorino's particular specialty is for staff to creatively spatula your gelato inside your cone, creating a faux-flower.

The company operates two locations in New York and one in Beverly Hills. In Europe the company's broad empire stretches from Austria to Portugal, London to Malta's capital Valletta and 58 locations across France.

Only a "coming soon" note hints at an arrival time-frame into Las Vegas.