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Get Your First Look Inside Lucky Foo's

The "American izakaya" plans to open this fall.

[Photos: Amelinda B Lee]

Lucky Foo’s Restaurant & Bar, the "American izakaya" opening later this fall on Eastern Avenue, gave Eater Vegas an exclusive look inside the construction at the restaurant. Lucky Foo’s will serve a menu combining Asian and Mediterranean flavors with American cuisine when it debuts.

A robata grill anchors the kitchen using a traditional Japanese coal called binchotan, which burns at 1,000 degrees. Sushi, noodles, salads, sandwiches and yakitori, as well as various cuts of steak, ribs and chicken are planned for the menu that includes smoked pickled kimchee and the Foo Burger cooked on the robata grill to maximize flavor and juiciness. "In creating the soon-to-be-famous Foo Burger and more.

The 5,000-square-foot restaurant plans to have four dining area with each designed with a specific character or idea considered to be "lucky." The restaurant’s patio named "Buddha" seats up to 36 guests and will revolve around a custom crafted fountain of Budai, otherwise known as The Laughing Buddha. The Kimmi Bar will feature sushi and the restaurant’s rare Kimmi doll collections. Foo Square will feature a tatami mat-lined dining room. The main dining room, known as Belly of the Dragon, will feature dark wood tones and a massive mural by local artist Sean Clauretie.

Take a look at the progress.

Lucky Foo’s Restaurant & Bar

8955 S. Eastern Ave.