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White Rabbit Cafe to Team with Fluff Ice in Chinatown

L.A.'s White Rabbit Cafe will team up with friends Fluff Ice when they arrive in Las Vegas.

White Rabbit Cafe
White Rabbit Cafe
Bradley Martin

Los Angeles-based White Rabbit Cafe is very close to opening in the former Fresh Cup Cafe, situated across the street from China Mama. And they are bringing a fellow Californian to double the experience.

Fluff Ice uses an eight-hour method to create its "amazingly different" dessert fusing the taste of ice cream "with the texture of shave ice." With four Southern California locations and a food truck like White Rabbit, Fluff possesses a similar drive and background to the cafe.

Flavors for their "frozen cotton candy" include original, mango, Thai tea, taro and almond and many possible toppings run the gamut from espresso jelly, cheesecake bites, kiwi and on to baby gummy bears.

White Rabbit Cafe will be expanding on items served from their truck, a popular sight at recent Las Vegas food festivals, fusing Filipino, American and Mexican flavors into their tacos, burritos, quesadillas, rice plates "and more." Inside the cafe, tables and chairs and counters are all in place. New signage is on its way. A precise opening date has not yet been revealed.