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Get Your Motor Running for PizzaRev Racing into Vegas

PizzaRev targets Las Vegas in its expansion plans.


The pizza wars continue with a new contender planning to break into the market. PizzaRev, a fast-casual build-your-own pizza concept, plans to open in Las Vegas, part of a 40-franchise expansion across the country.

Diners here can build their own pizzas starting with the sauce, cheese and 30 ingredients. The Roman-style pizzas cook three minutes in a four-ton, 900-degree stone hearth oven. Gluten-free crusts, sauces, cheeses and toppings as well as vegan options such as Daiya cheese are available. Most locations even have a gluten-free beer.

Tom McDonald & Co. currently operate 27 Burger King restaurants throughout Las Vegas and Phoenix as well as nine Panera Bread restaurants in Orange County, Calif. McDonald and his business partner Steve Keith will open the first PizzaRev in Nevada.

Beyond its 12 corporate locations in greater Los Angeles, PizzaRev currently operates franchise locations across four states. Last quarter, franchises opened in the Minneapolis, Salt Lake City, Austin, and Orange County markets.