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STK's Jason Shullo Shares His Best Bets for Cocktails

The beverage manager at STK has three favorites that he turns to on nights off from work.

Jason Shullo
Jason Shullo
Amelinda B Lee

Sin City is home to a lot of restaurants and bars, but there are tons of hidden gems that the majority of Las Vegans aren't unearthing. To help guide us to these potential discoveries, we've enlisted some of our city's beverage players to share their recommendations for a random feature dubbed Cocktail Confidential. Know a bartender who wants to share some top cocktail spots? The tipline is open.

Jason Shullo got his start in the restaurant business at 18 in his hometown in northeast Ohio. Since moving to Las Vegas in 2007, he worked at Aureole at Mandalay Bay, and was also part of chef Pierre Gagnaire’s opening team at Twist at Mandarin Oriental. Shullo came to STK at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, where he is the beverage manager, in 2010. Here he shares three of his favorite places to drink when he’s not behind the bar.

Which bars or lounges do you turn to when you’re not working?

Twist by Pierre Gagnaire at Mandarin Oriental, Public House at the Venetian and Estiatorio Milos at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.

Which cocktails are most memorable?

Twist's Elderflower Smash is one of my favorite drinks with Hendricks Gin, St-Germain, lime juice and bitters.

Even though Public House is a gastropub, they make the classics with precision. I enjoy going there always for a perfectly made Negroni on the rocks.

The Gardner" at Milos is a must have cocktail with dinner. Made with Hendricks, lemon, basil and cucumber. Great drink for a summer afternoon on the patio.

Why do you enjoy going there?

Twist by Pierre Gagnaire is high on my list for a special night out. The food is very well thought out and nicely executed…not to mention it holds a special place with me as I was a part of the opening team.

For a more casual experience, I always choose Public House at Venetian. Anywhere I can get a cold can of PBR, a shot of Fernet Branca and a heaping order of poutine, I will go as much as possible.

My family and I like to go and enjoy one of the best lunches in Las Vegas at Milos. Always fresh and never disappoints. Especially the Milos Special.


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