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Two Reviews of Pot Liquor CAS

Both weekly food critics hit up the new barbecue restaurant at Town Square.

Pot Liquor CAS
Pot Liquor CAS
Amelinda B Lee

Both Brock Radke and Al Mancini reviewed Pot Liquor CAS, the new barbecue joint at Town Square from partners Flip Arbelaez and chef Doug Bell.

"Pot Liquor is ambitious barbecue but also more than that, and we don’t have another restaurant like it," says Radke, who liked the Carolina-style pulled pork, says the dry ribs "are just smoky enough," and found them "only slightly" preferable to the baby back rib. He prefers the sides, appetizers and Southern dishes "even better." He recommends the stuffed trotters, crispy pork belly and grilled prawns with boudin noir. Also recommended, the collard greens, mac and cheese and grilled corn succotash. [LVW]

Mancini says, "Pot Liquor definitely doesn’t qualify as a great barbecue spot — at least not yet. But it is a great casual restaurant with some above-average barbecue. Now, if only every other barbecue spot that’s disappointed me in this town could say that, I’d be a much happier critic." He recommends the grilled prawns with boudin noir, stuffed trotters, pork belly over grits and deviled eggs. He also recommends the Hoppin’ John, mac and cheese, collard greens, which he describes as "yummy." [VS]

Pot Liquor CAS

6587 Las Vegas Blvd S, B-196, Vegas, NV 89119 (702) 816-4600 Visit Website