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Giant Fork, Not Fort, for White Castle & Denny's

The iconography of the Vegas Strip gets a really, really big fork.

White Castle and Denny's at Casino Royale
White Castle and Denny's at Casino Royale
Bradley Martin

Chalk it up to poor acoustics, electronics or enunciation, but the Paradise Town Board passed approval for a super tall fork, not a fort, to be placed onto the 26,500-square-foot, two-story, $9 million addition to the Strip's Casino Royale.

Eater Vegas erroneously misheard that over-sized fortification was coming to the frantically anticipated White Castle burger restaurant next to the under improvement Denny's at the Best Western Plus Casino Royale resort.

One board member tut-tutted Eater Vegas' misinterpretation, but a visual consolation prize of plywood castellations are starting to appear on the outside of the building, alongside the hard to miss utensil.

Despite Denny's feeling the need to explain their business plan with an international sign for food, this site has always been the number one earning restaurant for the Denny's Corporation. It is such an asset, in their current third quarter earnings report they explain their company margins were partially offset by the "temporary restaurant closure in Las Vegas. In the third quarter of 2013, this high volume restaurant generated pre-tax operating income of $0.7 million on sales of $2.1 million."

Also according to the company report, Denny's "is expected to reopen by the end of 2014" and White Castle is hoping, but not guaranteeing, for the same timetable to debut.