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Reviews of Ku Noodle, Della's Kitchen, Caspian Persian Cuisine & Bakery and More

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Ku Noodle
Ku Noodle
Wonho Frank Lee

Michael Uzmann compares the food and service at José Andrés’ new Ku Noodle at the SLS Las Vegas with the ramen and meat options found in Chinatown. “Ku Noodle presents an upscale option for those willing to invest in quality ingredients, innovation, and presentation,” he sayd, recommending the congee, crispy bao bun and Taiwanese shaved ice. “Perhaps my favorite thinkfoodgroup experience to date, outside of ‘e,’ every single plate at Ku Noodle proves Chef Andres dedication to both quality and creativity while the staff is every bit as well trained, efficient, and pleasant as that at Bazaar – something you surely aren’t going to find on Spring Mountain where service is often an afterthought, at best.” He gives it four out of five stars. [EE]

He also checks out the new Della’s Kitchen at Delano, giving it three and a half stars. “Della’s Kitchen is a welcome addition to the local breakfast scene and the sort of place I can see only getting better with time,” he says, recommending the chicken and waffles, pecan raisin French toast and cinnamon pecan roll. He was disappointed in the pancakes and maple syrup. “I find it rather disappointing that syrup was not pure and that service is not yet up to snuff.” [EE]

Al Mancini was disappointed with the fare at Caspian Persian Cuisine & Bakery. ”I’ve only come across a handful of Persian restaurants in the Valley — particularly the excellent Zaytoon on Durango Drive — but I’ve enjoyed them all. Unfortunately, that winning streak ended with this new spot, because of sloppy service and food that was hit-and-miss at best.” He said his Tahdig “was basically inedible” with rice “hard as a rock” and “completely white, while other sections were black as ash.” The accompanying stew “was almost completely devoid of meat, and pretty lacking in flavor.” [VS]

Brock Radke hits up the relatively new Vietnamese restaurant Nem Nuong Bistro. “The four-month-old Nem Nuong Bistro, located next to Chinatown stalwart Joyful House, sets itself apart with a versatile menu, gracious service and a slightly upscaled setting. It’s the same comfort food in a much more comfortable space.” [LVW]

HKR gives Juan’s Flaming Fajitas & Cantina an overall A- for the “Novel — and superlative — fajitas and other dishes, both standard and offbeat” although she says, “Our server didn’t ask enough questions.” [LVRJ]