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Cypress Street Marketplace Reborn as Forum Food Court

The multimillion Cypress Street Marketplace remodel at Caesars Palace gets a new branding.

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Forum Food Court
Forum Food Court
Bradley Martin

Caesars Palace are erasing any lingering memories of their Cypress Street Marketplace food court and opting for a rebranding. The former, multiple, unloved quickie food stations are being replaced behind a giant wall of plywood.

The 14,290-square-foot site has been allotted an estimated $2,889,568 in construction costs and will be reborn as the Forum Food Court. The location is close to the entrance of the Forum Shops at Caesars mega-mall.

The new project is currently hiring and promises "delicious on-the-go food" eliminating hopes of an upscale venture joining adjacent neighbor Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill. An estimated completion date has not been announced.

In the meantime, the Caesars resort web staff are maintaining their heroic unbroken track record of failure and still advertise the shuttered Cypress Street Marketplace in their restaurant section. It sits right alongside a enticement for guests to visit the Empress Court Chinese restaurant. As Eater Vegas first reported, Cypress Street and Empress Court both shuttered one month ago. The Chinese restaurant closed to make way for the forthcoming arrival of Mr Chow.