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Upgrades Tweeking Freakin Frog

The craft beer bar and its sibling Whisky Attic are taking a break.

Whisky Attic
Whisky Attic

Sad news for beer lovers. Freakin Frog, with its more than 1,700 craft beers, goes on hiatus at the end of October while the strip mall, the 48,150-square-foot College Town across from the UNLV Student Union, gets a facelift.

"Now the center where the Freakin Frog is located is set to be the most forward thinking and architecturally stunning development on Maryland Parkway," says owner Adam Carmer. "The Freakin Frog has discussed with the developers a new version of this Las Vegas original, but must go on hiatus in order for the development to proceed."

At least this means the shutter is only temporary. Real estate listings from a year ago refer to this space as "historic," built in 1976.

The 13-year-old bar is home to the first craft beer spot in Las Vegas, and also houses the Whisky Attic with its 800 varieties of whisky from around the world.

4700 S. Maryland Pkwy.