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Lucky Foo's, An 'American Izakaya,' Will Have Four Distinct Rooms

This new restaurant coming to the southeast plans to open this fall.

Lucky Foo’s Restaurant & Bar
Lucky Foo’s Restaurant & Bar

Here now, more information on the coming Lucky Foo’s Restaurant & Bar, taking over the Xtreme Sushi space on Eastern Avenue this fall. 

Owner Michael Fuller is calling this an "American Izakaya."

Executive chef Shawn Giordano, who most recently was a personal chef for photographer Annie Liebovitz, plans to prepare a menu using Japanese, Thai and Mediterranean ingredients and techniques with classic American dishes.

A robata grill anchors the kitchen using a traditional Japanese coal called binchotan, which burns at 1,000 degrees. Expect to find sushi, noodles, salads, sandwiches and yakitori, as well as various cuts of steak, ribs and chicken. Skewered yakitori meat, vegetable tacos with smoked pickled kimchee and the Foo Burger are already touted as signature dishes.

The 5,000-square-foot restaurant will feature four dining areas with seating for up to 180 guests. Each room uses characters considered "lucky," such as the restaurant’s patio named "Buddha" with room for 36 guests. There fountain of Budai, otherwise known as The Laughing Buddha, holds center court.

The Kimmi Bar offers sushi in a room decorated with light, feminine tones and the restaurant’s rare Kimmi doll collection.

Surprise, deejays will highlight Foo Square, a Tatami mat-lined dining room.

The main dining room, known as Belly of the Dragon, will feature dark wood tones and a massive mural by local artist, Sean Clauretie.

Reclaimed and salvaged materials from Hamada restaurant, including Tatami mats, hand-painted Taiko Asian drums and roof tiles round out the decor.

Stitched, the local men’s store at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, created the uniforms here.

Lucky Foo’s Restaurant & Bar
8955 S. Eastern Ave.