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Peer Inside the 24-Hour Pantry, Reminiscent of Your Grandmother's Kitchen

Cabinets filled with crockery and vintage curios give this space at the Mirage the feel of something that's been here for a while.

Your grandmother’s kitchen probably brings back some memories of maybe your childhood favorite dish or learning to cook by her side. It’s a feeling that the new Pantry at the Mirage tries to capture.

Munge Leung created the look of this space with its warm hues and curated artistic elements. On the floors find Mexican cement tiles while the walls feature warm wood wall paneling. Custom cabinetry surrounds the space, filled with white crockery and vintage curios, while chalkboards call out the specials of the day. Mirrors with custom graphics and quotes from legendary American chef Julia Child adorn the walls, paying homage to the culinary legend credited with introducing French cuisine to the American public. Artwork portraying imagery of Paris, French cuisine and fashion hang throughout the space.

Go ahead and take a look inside.