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Downtown Lands A New Grocery Store Today

The Market brings a cafe, craft beers, a charcuterie and more.

The Market
The Market

The Market

611 Fremont St.
Status: Opens at 3:30 p.m.

Downtown Las Vegas lands a grocery store this afternoon when The Market from Downtown Project opens. Those lucky first 50 in the doors land a tote bag with goodies, while everyone gets samples.

This spot is more than just a grocery store. While small, it has a cafe and a craft beer station as well. The 6,448-square-foot interior has a salad bar with refrigerated storage at the rear of the store for beer, wine and deli goods. The coffee shop offers grab-and-go items, a charcuterie, a prepared food case, baked good and bread section and gelato.

Diners can enjoy the selections sitting at the counter, or by the window or out on the 200-square-foot patio designed with room for 15.

The boutique concept takes the place of the former Mamita's Mexican & Cuban Food restaurant and the shuttered Fremont Family Market.