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A Sneak Peek Inside Soon To Debut Lucky Foo's

Ahead of Monday's grand opening, a first sneak peek inside Lucky Foo's.

Lucky Foo's
Lucky Foo's
Amelinda B Lee

Lucky Foo's is bringing an "American Izakaya" restaurant and bar to Green Valley, with the aim of creating a neighborhood bar grill and also adding a dash of Las Vegas nightlife. Ahead of a full Eater Inside, here's a sneak peek at what's to come.

Located at 8955 S. Eastern Ave., inside the former Xtreme Sushi & Sterling Steakhouse, the menu from executive chef Shawn Giordano combines Asian and Mediterranean flavors with American cuisine. His focus is a robata grill and a traditional Japanese coal called binchotan, which burns at 1,000 degrees.

The menu includes sushi, noodles, salads, sandwiches and skewered yakitori meat. Their "Foo Burger" will be cooked at the super high temperatures to seal in the flavor. Also open for lunch, menus will be created for children, a happy hour, and late-night options.

Four individually designed dining areas seat up to 180 guests, Each room, or "microenvironment," will be designed with "a specific character or idea considered to be 'lucky,' allowing for unique experiences each time a guest visits."

Lucky Foo's

Lucky Foo's patio

The restaurant’s patio named "Buddha" seats up to 36 guests around a fountain of Budai, The Laughing Buddha.

Lucky Foo's

Lucky Foo's

"Foo Square," is their Tatami mat-lined dining room where the DJs will be situated. The main dining room, dubbed the "Belly of the Dragon", is highlighted by a mural by local artist Sean Clauretie.

Salvaged elements from the shuttered Hamada restaurant will add to the decor.

Lucky Foo’s staff will be wearing uniforms created by Stitched, at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. To complete the nightlife mood, Lucky Foo’s will soon introduce cocktail specials and begin a roster of late-night entertainment featuring DJ sets and karaoke.